NHIN Governance: Learn to Speak NHIN on Nov 4 & Have Your Say Too!

1. National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) Presents
NHIN 202:  NHIN Governance Authorities
2. FACA Blog Seeks Governance Feedback Nov 3

NHIN 202:
Thur, Nov 4, 2010, 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Excerpted/summarized from National eHealth Collaborative on 11/1/2010.
You will learn about the initial recommendations of the Health IT Policy Committee’s Governance Workgroup and the process of turning them into rules. ONC and Advisory Committee/Workgroup leaders will serve as faculty and will respond to your feedback.


  • Mary Jo Deering, PhD – Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Policy and Planning, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC)
  • John Lumpkin – Chair, Health IT Policy Committee Governance Workgroup; Senior VP and Director, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Michael Matthews – Chair, NHIN Exchange Coordinating Committee; Member, Health IT Policy Committee Governance Workgroup; CEO, MedVirginia


  • Aaron Seib – Interim CEO and NHIN Program Director, National eHealth Collaborative

PHASE 1 Recommendations of Workgroup from FACA Blog Post 
Or see FACA Blog post reposted below.
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AUDIOCONFERENCE: (866) 699-3239 or (408) 792-6300
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ACCESS/EVENT CODE: 665 557 547

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National eHealth Collaborative Relationship with NHIN
“The Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) is a collection of standards, specifications and policies that enable the secure exchange of health information over the internet. Today, a group of federal and private entities known as the NHIN Exchange have implemented those standards, specifications and policies as one operational model for exchanging health information nationwide. As part of this model, those entities established a committee structure to administer and support their operational approach.

“Through its cooperative agreement with ONC, NeHC is supporting that committee structure, and supports ONC’s efforts to disseminate information about the work of these committees to interested parties and the broader stakeholder community.”

Federal Advisory Committee Blog Post:
Feedback Requested by Nov 3
Governance Workgroup Seeks Comments
on Roles and Responsibilities for Governance

Monday, October 25th, 2010 | Posted by: John Lumpkin on FACA Blog and reposted here by e-Healthcare Marketing. 

The Governance Workgroup (Workgroup) is developing recommendations on governance mechanisms for the nationwide health information network.  The Workgroup identified overarching objectives, key principles and core functions for governance in its Preliminary Report and Recommendations on the Scope of Governance [PDF – 94 KB] presented to the HIT Policy Committee on October 20th.  The Workgroup is now preparing final recommendations on how governance functions should be implemented and by whom.  As a first step, the Workgroup would like to identify existing mechanisms that might be appropriate, with or without modifications, and with or without some added coordination; and whether new mechanisms are needed, and if so, which?  The Workgroup would like public input on these issues and has created a table listing the core functions and questions to frame the input.  The table is available at here [DOC – 81 KB]. A short version of the table is presented below, for your comments.  If you prefer, you can download and complete the table and email it to onc.request@hhs.gov. Please put “Governance Workgroup Recommendations” in the Subject Line.

We would appreciate receiving comments as soon as possible and no later than November 3.

Recommended Governance Functions include:

(For more details, see the Recommendations report [PDF – 94 KB] presented to the HIT Policy Committee)

I. Establish policies for privacy, security, interoperability and to promote adoption of the NW-HIN.

a. Privacy and Security

b.  Interoperability, Eligibility Criteria and Compliance Expectations

c.  Address gaps; coordinate stakeholder input

d. Coordinate with technical and validation bodies

II. Establish technical requirements to assure policy and technical interoperability.

a. Adopt requirements

b. Coordinate with policy setting body

c. Change and transition process

d. Recognize or authorize shared technical services

III. Establishing appropriate mechanisms to assure compliance, accountability and enforcement.

a. Determine eligibility

b. Evaluate compliance

c. Assure accountability

d. Enforce

IV. Oversight of the governance mechanisms.

a. Track issues

b. Monitor ongoing compliance

c. Assess risks and benefits to prevent harm

d. Evaluate effectiveness

e. Resolve disputes

While all comments are welcome, we would specifically like input on these questions for each of the four recommended governance functions listed above:

  1. What existing entity or process could be leveraged NW-HIN governance? How does it function?
  2. What is the jurisdiction for its functions and under what authority does it operate?
  3. What level of formality is used (e.g. self-regulated, state regulated)?
  4. Can it scale to satisfy NW-HIN needs (w/ or w/out changes)?
  5. Does it satisfy NW-HIN governance objectives (w/ or w/out) changes?  If yes, provide rationale.
  6. Are additional mechanisms or processes necessary? Why?

Thank you,
John Lumpkin, MD, MPD, Chair, Governance Workgroup
To comment directly, go to the FACA Blog post.

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