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New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission

Meeting Notice Page: http://www.state.nj.us/health/bc/hitc.shtml

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New Jersey Office for e-HIT

Office for the Development, Implementation and Deployment of Electronic Health Information Technology

Hope for New Jersey’s City Hospitals: The Camden Initiative
State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreements Program
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – State Health Information Exchange Cooperation Agreement Program
New Jersey Health Information Technology Act

State of NJ HIE Application Submitted: See post on e-Healthcare Marketing.

State presentation on preliminary HIE framework for application to ONC and additional notes from October 1, 2009 meeting posted on e-Healthcare Marketing blog. New Jersey Chapter of HIMSS http://njhimss.org

This page will be updated shortly.

Please note the upcoming New Jersey and Delaware Valley chapters combined Annual Conference will take place Sept. 22-24, 2010 at Caesar’s in Atlantic City . Watch www.njhimss.org for the latest information.

See Upcoming Events Caesars in Atlantic City, NJ

“Stimulating HealthCare by Achieving Meaningful Use in Health IT”

Full Agenda (pdf)

Below excerpted from NJ HIMSS Events. Click headlines above for events page.

Keynote speakers include:

Tim Gee – Everything Is Connected at the Point of Care

David Garets – An Update on the Use of HIT Initiatives to Integrate the Healthcare Delivery System

Charlene Underwood – ARRA and Meaningful Use: An Update on Activities on the HIT Policy Committee

Brett Davis (invited) – HIT role in Personalized Healthcare

There will also be four tracks of programs during the event including Clinical Informatics, Core Information Technologies, EHR/EMR and general sessions. This year’s roster of speakers is outstanding and has the expertise to help us in our daily work.

Past Events

February 3, 2010


Co-Sponsored by NJHIMSS and Stevens Institute, Hoboken, NJ

View Details Here (pdf)


DVHIMSS – NJHIMSS   CONFERENCE: October 22-23, 2009

NJ Seeks HIE Applications by Sept 25, 2009; Sept 18 Guidance Call-In

See post on e-Healthcare Marketing blog for details on  Sept 18 2009 1:30pm conference call for guidance from the state, and links to additional information.

New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission

Meeting Notice Page: http://www.state.nj.us/health/bc/hitc.shtml

Generally meetings occur on the first Thursday of the month from 3:00pm to 5:00pm unless a change has been made.  See the top of this page for meeting dates or check with the NJ Health IT Commission Meeting Notice Page indicated above.

Meetings located at Dept. of Health and Senior Services, Health and Agriculture Building, 1st Floor Auditorium, 369 South Warren Street, Trenton, NJ 08625.

Board Name:

New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission

Legal Authority:

P.L. 2007, c.330 PDF Version of New Jersey Health Information Technology Act


There is established the New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission. For the purpose of complying with the provisions of Article V, Section IV, paragraph 1 of the New Jersey Constitution, the commission is established within the Department of Health and Senior Services, but, notwithstanding the establishment, the commission shall be independent of any supervision or control by the department or any board or officer thereof. The commission shall collaborate with the Office for e-HIT established pursuant to this act, concerning all activities related to the development, implementation, and oversight of the plan. The commission shall be responsible for approving the Statewide health information technology plan.

Special Requirements:

The New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission shall be comprised of 19 members as follows: the Commissioners of Health and Senior Services, Banking and Insurance, Children and Families and Human Services, and the State Treasurer, or their designees, who shall serve ex officio; and 14 public members who shall be appointed by the Governor no later than the 60th day after the effective date of this act, as follows: three physicians engaged in private practice in this State, one of whom is a pediatrician and one a psychiatrist; two persons who represent acute care hospitals in this State, one of whom represents a teaching hospital and the other a non-teaching hospital; a registered professional nurse practicing in this State; a pharmacist practicing in this State; a person who represents a clinical laboratory operating in this State; an attorney practicing in this State with demonstrated expertise in health privacy issues; a person who represents a health insurance carrier operating in this State; a person who represents a Quality Improvement Organization located in New Jersey that contracts with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness, economy, and quality of services provided to Medicare beneficiaries; and three members of the public with a demonstrated expertise in issues relating to the work of the commission, including one member with expertise in electronic health information technology.

Member Name

Seat Name

Ms. Sandra C. Moore Pharm.D.


Ms. Maryann D. Prudhomme , RN, BSHCA

Registered Professional Nurse

Ms. Helen Oscislawski , Esq.

Attorney with Expertise in Health Privacy Issues

Mr. Mark Barnard

Health Insurance Carrier Rep.

Ms. Mary Jane Brubaker

Quality Improvement Organization Rep.

Mr. Daniel Morreale

Public Member 1

Ms. Stephanie Davidson

Public Member 2

Mr. Simon J. Samaha , M.D.

Public Member 3

Dr. Kennedy U. Ganti , M.D.

Physician 1

Commissioner of Health and Senior Services

Commissioner of Health and Senior Services

Commissioner of Banking and Insurance

Commissioner of Banking and Insurance

Commissioner of Children and Families

Commissioner of Children and Families

Commissioner of Human Services

Commissioner of Human Services

State Treasurer

State Treasurer

Albert L. Gutierrez CHE, MBS, RT

Acute Care Non-Teaching Hospital Rep.

John Tedeschi MD

Physician 2

Dr. Jill M. Williams , M.D.

Physician 3

Mr. Snehal Gandhi

Acute Care Teaching Hospital Rep.

Dr. Mary Hall Gregg Ph.D.

Clinical Laboratory Rep.

Health and Senior Service Commissioner, Heather Howard

Testimony on ARRA, NJ Assemby Health and Senior Services Committee,

March 29, 2009

pdf file


State of NJ 2009 Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Healthcare Information Technology

Portion of the NJ response to ARRA devoted to HIT.


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