Thirty-two State Health Information Exchange Plans For ONC: New York Added to Directory

HIE Plans from Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin
Updated November 21, 2010. New York submitted its operational plan to ONC on October 26, 2010. Indiana and Kansas State HIE Strategic and Operational Plans were submitted to ONC on August 31, 2010.  Listed below are thirty-two State HIE Strategic and Operational Plans developed for submission to Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT. List includes New Mexico, Maryland, Maine, and Utah Strategic and Operational Plans that have already been approved by ONC. Reportedly two additional unnamed state plans have been approved by ONC but not yet officially announced. Some versions of the plans below are drafts, have not yet have been submitted to ONC, and may be under state review prior to submission. Some of the dates by each listing below and on the linked documents may refer to a date of expected submission to ONC and not to the date of the actual version. All the documents were compiled from publicly available Web sites. For a previous post on approved plans, see e-Healthcare Marketing. 

Please send links to additional published State HIE Strategic and Operational Plans to e-Healthcare Marketing for posting, using either the comments box or emailing to e-Healthcare Marketing producer listed in About me section.

Links to PDFs of State HIE Strategic and/or Operational Plans with Dates
Alabama Strategic Plan 5/7/2010
Arkansas Strategic Plan Draft 7/30/2010
California Strategic and Operational Plan 4/6/2010
          CA eHealth Operational Plan
          CA eHealth Strategic Plan
          Appendices 1-8
          Appendices 9-15
          Appendices 16-19
          Appendix 20
          Appendices 21-22

Connecticut Strategic Plan 6/10/2010
Florida Executive Summary Only (2 pages) 5/23/21010
Illinois Strategic Plan  (7/30/2010)
Illinois Strategic Plan Appendix (7/30/2010)
Indiana Strategic and Operational Plan 8/31/2010
Iowa Strategic and Operational Plan 5/2010
Kansas Strategic and Operational Plan 8/31/2010
Louisiana Strategic and Operational Plan 8/2010
Maine Strategic and Operational Plan 6/18/2010 Approved by ONC
Maine HIE Project Plan 2010-2014 3/29/2010
Maryland Strategic and Operational Plan 6/9/2010 Approved by ONC
Massachusetts Strategic Plan 4/15/2010 (unclear if this is ONC-submission)
Massachusetts Strategic and Operational Plan (8/30/2010) Subnitted to ONC.
Michigan Strategic Plan 4/30/2010
Michigan Operational Plan 4/30/2010
Minnesota Strategic Plan 5/17/2010
Minnesota Operational Plan 5/21/2010
Missouri Strategic Plan 3/17/2010
Missouri Operational Plan 6/8/2010
Nebraska Strategic Plan 4/20/2010
Nebraska Operational Plan 4/20/2010
New Hampshire Strategic and Operational Plan (Draft) 8/6/2010
New Jersey Operational Plan 8/13/2010
New Mexico Strategic and Operational Plan 3/24/2010 Approved by ONC
New York Operational Plan 10/26/2010 Submitted to ONC
North Carolina Strategic Plan  Updated and resubmitted to ONC 10/25/2010
North Carolina Operational Plan Submitted to ONC  8/31/2010; Revised 10/25/2010 re: structured lab results.
Oregon Strategic Plan Submitted to ONC 8/23/2010
Oregon Operational Plan Submitted to ONC 8/23/2010
Pennsylvania Strategic Plan 3/2010
Rhode Island Strategic Plan Executive Summary 5/28/2010
South Carolina Strategic Plan 4/20/2010
South Carolina Operational Plan 7/29/2010
Tennessee Strategic Plan 6/7/2010
Tennessee Operational Plan 6/7/2010
Texas Strategic and Operational Plans (Staff Draft) 8/25/2010
Utah Strategic Plan  3/2010 Approved by ONC
Utah Operational Plan 3/2010 Approved by ONC
Virginia Strategic Plan 7/30/2010
Washington State Strategic and Operational Plan 7/6/2010
Wisconsin Strategic and Operational Plan 7/16/2010
Wisconsin Strategic and Operational Plan Appendices 7/16/2010

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