NJ Seeks Health Information Exchange Applications by Sept 25, 2009

New Jersey Seeks HIE Applications: Due Sept 25, 2009
(This post updated on Sept 17, 2009.)
Second Conference Call Set for
DATE:           Friday, September 18, 2009
TIME:            1:30pm–2:45pm
CALL-IN #:   877-214-6371
CODE:           953415
Please note that the line can hold 125 people so if there is excess, the State will accept email questions.

See Sept 17, 2009 State of NJ Press Release.
Links to official documents below.

Federal Telemedicine News blog reported on September 2, 2009, that New Jersey issued a a Request for Applications ”seeking innovative health information exchange projects.” A conference call is scheduled for Sept. 11, 2009 from 10:30am to noon for guidance. Grant applications are due September 25, 2009 to be considered for possible inclusion in NJ’s State HIE  application to the Office of National Coordinator for Health IT in HHS, which is due by October 16, 2009.

As the Grant Criteria states, the state’s application to ONCHIT will “reflect the current state-of-the-art in New Jersey and priorities set forth by the state’s Health Information Technology Commission and Office of e-HIT(in the Department of Banking and Insurance).  As such, the application will include projects from around the State that hold the promise of establishing a more effective, efficient, sustainable, and interoperable exchange of clinically useful data across health-care provider organizations, cities, and regions. This RFA solicits projects to be incorporated into the State’s application.”

Excerpted from the Notice of Grant Availability
Grants will be used “To facilitate and expand the electronic movement and use of health information among organizations in New Jersey according to nationally recognized standards and in a manner consistent with the objectives” of ARRA of 2009.

Applicants must be “New Jersey organizations or governmental agencies that either provide health care, yield or store health-care information, or administer public-health services and that compile and store data electronically.”

To qualify “The organization or agency must be capable of exchanging health information, or be in the process of implementing systems that have the ability to exchange health information, between facilities according to nationally recognized standards of privacy and security and for the purposes of improving clinical outcomes and/or public health in New Jersey.”

The NJ Health Care Facilities and Financing Authority will officially submit the state’s HIE application to ONCHIT on or before October 16, 2009, according to the Grants Criteria.

The August 28, 2009 press release from NJ Department of Health and Senior Services entitled “Health Information Technology Advances in New Jersey State Seeks Proposals for Innovative Health Data Sharing Initiatives” (pdf) appears on New Jersey’s 2009 Recovery and Reinvestment Plan Web site.

The Health Information Exchange Grants program is listed under Featured State Grant Opportunities on NJ’s 2009 Recovery and Reinvestment Plan Web site: http://nj.gov/recovery/grant
NJ HIE Page: http://nj.gov/recovery/grant/hi_exchange.html
          Notice of Grant Availability [pdf 15kB]
          Application (Click to Download) [rtf 112kB]
          Grants Criteria Narrative [pdf 31kB]
          September 11th, 2009 Letter of Intent [pdf 1.47m]

These are only excerpts. Please go to the NJ Web site above and download official documents for complete information.New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) released message on August 26, 2009 entitled “ONC Gives States Health Information Exchange Grant Details,”  which said “NJHA will continue to work with DHSS and the N.J. HIT Commission and support their important HIE planning efforts.”

For context, you may want to review New Jersey’s Letter of Intention to ONC for NJ’s HIE Cooperation Agreement or LOIs from seven other States that have been published online.

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