NJ Health Information Technology Commission Meeting: Feb 3, 2011

February 3, 2011 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: Auditorium on the first floor of the Department of Health and Senior Services Building, 369 S. Warren St, Trenton, NJ.

1.Call to Order
2.Committee Reports and/or Review of Committee Scorecards
          a.Privacy and Security Committee (up to 40 minutes) – Committee Chair
                     i.Review of Report/Dashboard
                    ii.Announcement – new Co-Chairs
          b.Committee Membership status
3.Status on State HIT Operational Plan
         a.Recent $11.4 million ONC awards and immediate next steps – (15 minutes) – Colleen Woods
         b.Project Management assistance – Colleen Woods
4.New and Unfinished Business
         a.Dialogue with Constituencies (10 min) – Al Campanella
         b.Promotion of e-Prescribing (5 min) – Colleen Woods
         c.Vision of the Innovation Center (5 min) – Colleen Woods
5.Housekeeping Items
         a.File-Sharing Website (5 min) – Al Campanella
         b.Update on Public NJ HIT Commission Website – Colleen Woods
6.Public Comment Period

Documents from January 2011 NJ HIT Commission Meeting
Alfred Campanella, Chair NJ HIT Commission: Chair’s Reflections and Direction. January 2011 [pdf 358k]
Colleen Woods, NJ Statewide HIT Coordinator: Presentation to HIT Commission, January 2011 [ppt 275k]

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