ONC Launches SHARP Web site for Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects

ONC Launches SHARP Web site for Research Programs
The Office of National Coordinator for Health IT launched its new Web site area on August 20, 2010 for the four research initiatives within the Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects Program  overseen by Wil Yu, Special Assistant of Innovations and Research, who  serves as Senior Project Officer for SHARP program.

SHARP Overview

SHARP Overview

Excerpted from ONC Site on August 21, 2010:

“SHARP awardees are currently conducting research along the following areas:

“AREA ONE: Security and Health Information Technology – The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is helping develop technologies and policy recommendations that reduce privacy and security risks and increase public trust.

“AREA TWO: Patient-Centered Cognitive Support – Innovative cognitive research is being led by the University of Texas, Houston to harness the power of health IT to integrate and support physician reasoning and decision-making as providers care for patients.

“AREA THREE: Health Care Application and Network Design – Harvard University is leading platform based research to create new and improved system designs that facilitate information exchange while ensuring the accuracy, privacy, and security of electronic health information.

“AREA FOUR: Secondary Use of EHR Information – Mayo Clinic of Medicine is developing strategies to improve the overall quality of healthcare by leveraging existing EHR data to generate new, environmentally appropriate, best practice suggestions.”

SHARP Project Officer:
Wil Yu, Special Assistant, Innovations
ONC, Office of the Chief Scientist

Frequently Asked Questions
Original Funding Announcement

Direct Links to Programs
Security and Health Information Technology:  http://sharps.org
Patient-Centered Cognitive Support: http://sharpc.org
Health Care Application and Network Design: .http://www.smartplatforms.org
Secondary Use of EHR Information: http://sharpn.org/
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For more on project officer Wil Yu, see e-Healthcare Marketing blog.

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